Iowa operates an OSHA-approved State Plan and has adopted Federal OSHA Standards.  

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The staff at Iowa OSHA is devoted to preventing illnesses and injuries at workplaces.  Prevention is not just good for workers and their families; it also helps reduce workers' compensation and related expenses for employers.  Iowa OSHA works closely with federal OSHA so workplace safety and health standards are very similar from state to state.  The links below provide more information about the methods we use to reduce illnesses and injuries in Iowa.

Iowa OSHA Enforcement - Iowa OSHA enforcement staff perform inspections that can result in citations and penalties and they can also answer questions about how to comply with standards.

Iowa OSHA On-Site Consultation -  Iowa OSHA's On-Site Consultation service helps Iowa employers comply with the OSHA standards and remove hazards. On-Site Consultation provides free, confidential compliance assistance.

Iowa OSHA Education - Iowa OSHA Education offers free training on safety and health topics and lends training materials at no charge.

Iowa OSHA Cooperative Programs - Iowa OSHA promotes safety and health awareness by working with employers, employees, community groups, labor organizations and others.

Iowa OSHA Statistics - Iowa OSHA gathers information on the rate and number of work-related injuries, illnesses, and fatalities.

Whistleblower Protection Program - Iowa law protects an employee who reports an unsafe or unhealthy working environment.

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