PDF and Web Page Issues

PDF Files

Some of our PDF files allow you to fill in values to complete the form. If you are having issues with one of these forms, you might need to disable the built-in PDF viewer and use the Adobe PDF Reader plugin for your browser. The process is outlined on this web page.

Most of our PDF links will open in a new tab or window. If you want to download the PDF file instead of opening it, bring up the help menu by right-clicking (control-click on a Macintosh) on the link and then choose the "save link as" option.


If you are having issues browsing our web pages try the following:

  • Update your browser to the newest version
  • Try a different browser i.e. Firefox, Chrome etc.
  • Click the refresh icon
  • Clear your cache by holding the CTRL key down then the F5 button (together)
  • Disable compatibility mode - This can usually be found in your browsers "tools", "settings" or "preferences" section