Safety and Health Consultant Position

Job Description


As a Safety/Health Consultant responsible for enforcing CH 88, Iowa Occupational Safety and Health Act-

Completes adequate preparation to ensure that assigned inspections are conducted in a thoroughly professional manner:

  • Determines the scope of the survey and relevant technical information available for a particular industry.
  • Performs any research required to adequately complete the inspection.
  • Determines, if a large-scale inspection, if it is necessary to request and direct assistance of other inspectors.
  • Reviews previous inspection case files, applicable codes, standards, and available technical information concerning processes within the workplace.
  • Prepares all necessary equipment in accordance with the Technical Manual or the equipment manuals prior to equipment use.

 Conducts inspections in a professional manner as assigned and in accordance with CH 88:

  • Determines the minimum required personal protective equipment required to safely complete the inspection and makes sure that it is available and functioning properly (i.e., safety glasses, hearing protection, reflective vests, steel toed shoes, hard hats, safety harnesses, respirators, etc.).
  • Determines if a site is safe for entry.
  • Conducts an opening conference, using the opening conference check list.
  • Conducts walkaround and conducts screening for possible health violations to be referred to Senior Industrial Hygienist in accordance with the FIRM, Technical Manual, and equipment manual.
  • Completes all inspection paperwork (paper and computer) in accordance with directions set forth in the technical and computer manuals.
  • Conducts interviews, takes photographs and collects information to support citations.
  • Conducts a closing conference with the employer and employee representative in accordance with the IOSHA Closing Conference Guide. Describes each alleged violation and establishes abatement dates for each violation.

 Prepares paperwork so that a complete and orderly case file for each survey conducted can be submitted, including both paper and computer forms:

  • Completes a Narrative form in accordance with the FIRM and IMIS manuals.
  • Prepares a worksheet for each alleged violation, regardless of classification of hazard.
  • Completes all worksheets fully and accurately including calculation of penalties in accordance with the FIRM and IMIS manuals.
  • Proposes citations as the result of interviews with employees, discussions with employers, errors found in written programs or lack of written programs and violations observed.
  • Reviews abatement information submitted by employers to ensure employees are protected and discusses possible deficiencies with the employer.

Advises IOSH Management during Informal Conferences and testifies before the Employment Appeal Board.

Completes all time sheets, car vouchers, expense claims and other required forms in a timely manner so that they can be processed.

Attends training sessions as provided.

Assists other inspectors with inspections when help is requested in a subject area pertaining to their expertise.

Performs other duties as assigned or requested to assure a continued professional atmosphere and proper functioning of the IOSH Bureau.

  • Provides technical assistance to other Safety/Health Consultants, Sr. Industrial Hygienists, Legal Staff, support staff, etc.
  • Conducts training and/or presentations for co-workers, employers, employees, and other groups. Maintains equipment.
  • Places orders for items needed to perform inspections.

No applicant for employment with the Iowa Department of Workforce Development can have a current, ongoing overpayment balance with Iowa Workforce Development without a payment plan in place. Select positions will be subject to a criminal background check.


Minimum Qualification Requirements

Graduation from an accredited four-year college or university with major course work in civil, mechanical, electrical or industrial engineering, or industrial safety education;


an equivalent combination of education and experience substituting experience equal to one year of full time work for a public or private organization where the preponderance of duties were directly related to safety enforcement for each year of the required education to a maximum substitution of four years.

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Additional Qualification Requirements

Positions require travel. Employees must arrange transportation to and from assigned work areas.  

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